Vote (for Pedro)


In two days time, the UK gets to vote in the General Election. This information should not be news to you unless you’ve been living under a rock, or had your fingers jammed firmly in your ears for the last 2 months. You may not agree with the system, you may not like any of the candidates, you may have never done it before but I urge you, please vote. Continue reading

Flare with Care

Flares are not skinny jeans. You cannot fling them on with any old top/sneaker combo and think they will look ok. They will not. They do give the impression of being effortless though. A half tucked in breezy shirt/a few thin gold necklaces fluttering at your throat/the right shoes = perfect. Slouchy jumper/the right shoes = also perfect. They will make you shift out of your comfort zone and are surprisingly flattering on most shapes and sizes, not something that can be said for skinnies.

Here are some of my favourites:

Jeans collage

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Lunchtime Libertine

I am so unbelievably bored of sandwiches. Not the good-take-your-time amazing sandwiches made with love and gorgeous bread. I’m bored of the thrown together, one filling, stale bread kind. The kind I eat most days. And soup, blah to soup and a defrosted pitta bread. Sling your soupy hook.

I want something tasty and healthy to tuck into during my precious hour of lunch each working day. The gregarious free 60 minutes which I am currently wasting on nothing in particular. Above all, I need to feel like I’m feeding myself something good, not just shoving in nutritiously dubious mouthfuls that will keep me from keeling over before dinner time.

But change is hard. What shall I eat? What do I want? I have little time and even less money, I eat what I know I can afford and have time to make. How depressing. What I need is a plan made by someone who understands my constraints and knows stuff about good food. I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to eat better.

Enter Madeleine Shaw- she of a wondrous website and soon, a book. I stumbled across her 5 day lunch plan and thought, let’s do this… Continue reading