Running on Empty


This is a sad sight. This is me eeking as much as I can from the best facial oil I have ever used. Emma Hardie – I salute you. This bottle of goodness is a tasty potion-packed liquid for my skin, and I am running out have run out and am relying on droplets from the bottom of the bottle. Pay day purchases will be made.

If you have dry skin, especially in winter/are outdoors a lot, this is a brill addition to your night time routine. Oils are not great to wear in the day if you’re applying make up over the top as your base tends to slide right off. BUT if you’re having a no makeup day and want to treat your skin at the same time, they are super.

Oils are best applied at night where you can look as shiny as you like, and gives them time to soak into your skin as you sleep/watch Netflix. Really rub them into your face – my favourite facial massage rub in technique is demonstrated here by Caroline Hirons – this is a great way to work in your cleanser too.


A God in Ruins 

Kate Atkinson has an amazing ability to transport you from the past to the future and back again in a sentence, sometimes in one breath, without you becoming confused. This skill is just one of the reasons why she is a truly special writer and every time I begin one of her books, I never want it to end.

A God in Ruins is a companion book to Life After Life (read my review of that book here) and involves many of the same characters. I loved Life After Life and so A God in Ruins felt like coming home, except this time everything is from Teddy’s point of view.

I didn’t think I was a fan of war stories but reading The Ghost Road for my degree blew that belief out of the water. The Second World War is closer to home for me; my grandparents were all alive then and most of them were involved. It never ceases to amaze me that all four of them survived, met and forty or so years later, I turned up. Everything could have been very different, not least because I wouldn’t exist. Possibly because of this, A God in Ruins resonated with me, especially the end. Oh the end! I wailed like a baby.

A stunning book that unfurls and twists through time, and lives, perfectly.

Vote (for Pedro)


In two days time, the UK gets to vote in the General Election. This information should not be news to you unless you’ve been living under a rock, or had your fingers jammed firmly in your ears for the last 2 months. You may not agree with the system, you may not like any of the candidates, you may have never done it before but I urge you, please vote. Continue reading

Flare with Care

Flares are not skinny jeans. You cannot fling them on with any old top/sneaker combo and think they will look ok. They will not. They do give the impression of being effortless though. A half tucked in breezy shirt/a few thin gold necklaces fluttering at your throat/the right shoes = perfect. Slouchy jumper/the right shoes = also perfect. They will make you shift out of your comfort zone and are surprisingly flattering on most shapes and sizes, not something that can be said for skinnies.

Here are some of my favourites:

Jeans collage

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